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B086B-007B-2 - DisplayPort 1.2 to HDMI 1.4 Adaptor

B086B-007B-2 reviews

"What can I works well, with no issues! I connected my work laptop to my large monitor with this adapter and a HDMI cable. The laptop recognised the new monitor and auto-setup the correct resolution, which tells me that full communications between the laptop and monitor were taking place! Have used for a few months now and no issues!."

T. Leonardon

"This worked perfectly. This did exactly what I was hoping it would do. Allowed my 2009 Mac Mini to use a new ultrawide display flawlessly. It was like magic."

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"Finally! Allows my late 2012 Mac mini to display 2560 x 1440 using the display's HDMI input. The Mac is happy, the display is happy, and I'm happy."

Richard S

Best Seller
B087B-005B-2 - DisplayPort to DVI-D Active Single-Link Adaptor

B087B-005B-2 reviews

“After a month of use! I can say this product deserves each of the 5 stars I've given it. It has performed perfectly since day 1...not one flicker, no colour, contrast or refresh issues, etc. in fact I can't even tell I'm using it, which is exactly what you want in a product like this.

I'm using this adapter in a dual monitor setup with one monitor hooked up via HDMI, and the other using this adapter. The intel GPU on my Ivy Bridge i7 is driving both monitors.

If you have a need for this type of adapter, don't hesitate to buy this one.” 

R. Jimenezon