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FXV101-H -  HD home security camera with wireless wifi monitoring FLIR FX
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FXV101-H reviews

"I love your camera!! The zone function works amazingly well. Once I played with it a bit it worked spot on. I just bought your outdoor casing to use the camera outdoors and I will be buying another camera to use inside as well as take on the road with. Keep up the great work and keep the updates coming!!"


"Purchased several weeks ago to check on parent in assisted living. Picture quality is fantastic. IR allows viewing in pitch black. Very helpful. Has allowed us to alert assisted living staff when parent needed a hand and hadn't pressed her call button. Very pleased. Will purchase another to add to my home security."

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"I have just received my 2 FX cameras and they work above expectations. Look forward to using them."

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LW2742UK - Lorex by Flir Wireless CCTV System

LW2742UK reviews

"Easy to install, it does exactly what I want with a clear picture on the monitor. I expected some technical problems at the start which are normal with electronic equipment, but was delighted to find that everything worked perfectly without any complicated procedures to follow. Just charge up - plug in and away you go.” 


"I love my camera. It's great! I would def recommend these products to anyone and in fact 2 close friends of mine purchased security systems for their homes after I showed them how easy it was setting up mine.” 


"Very impressed with the functionalities. Very clear video. Recording is very good. Remote access is brilliant. So I can view my house from my iPhone.” 


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LHV10081TC8P - Lorex by Flir 8 Channel Series Security DVR system with 720p HD Cameras

LHV10081TC8P reviews

"I wanted an inexpensive security camera system that would record an issue if it were to arise and let me know when company came. I wasn't looking to protect a bank vault nor my gold mine! I received my unit quickly and it was easy to set up. I had some questions so I called tech support. They blew me away with 10 STAR service! I couldn't express enough how valuable it is to have help with a device when you need it! It wasn't a device problem, my hub was bad! I'm very pleased with the quality of the picture and very happy with the software provided.” 


"Absolutely great!!! I'm by no means real smart with electronics but this was fairly easy to set up. Very very pleased with the product. Great product good price point!”