SKY - Fake Britain "SKY" Counterfeit Seizure

BBC Fake Britain - Counterfeit SKY Product Seizure

This video that shows how some in society believe that selling counterfeit product is fine and this can be extremely lucrative to the individuals and companies concerned selling to innocent unsuspecting consumers. The majority of these types of product originate from the Far East and the common market place are online sites such as eBay and the like. 

The BBC’s "FAKE BRITAIN” hosted by Matt Allwright aired a major seizure of such products and particularly the SKY HD Remote Control. SKY are actively striving to stamp out such activity and were informed of a source in the UK selling large numbers of SKY product, and, after investigation decided to take action. Please watch the video to show the extent of such activity.  

Retailers must also be mindful that if counterfeit product is found to be sold in any of their premises, trading standards can also seize these products provided they gain entry and have the relevant lawful documentation to do so at point of entry, so the message is clear always make sure the goods are purchased from an official distributor. 

Tech Hut Limited distributes the “Official and Original" SKY accessories to various large retailers, mail order and selected sub distribution partners supplying the installation market.