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IP2CC - iTach - TCP/IP to Contact Closure/Relay

IP2CC reviews

“I am a big fan of the Global Caché product. Very reliable and easy to use. The API is simple and the unit performs very well. Great quality.” 

Mr K. Slateon

“Once these devices are configured they work flawlessly. I would recommend any of the wired Global Caché iTach devices. I have a few of these running under Homeseer without issues.” 

S. Ceddy

“This unit (IP2CC) seems incredibly solid is a good price.” 

T. Bruce

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IP2IR - iTach - TCP/IP to 3 IR Ports

IP2IR reviews

"The Global Cache iTach IP2IR seems VERY well built and far exceeded my expectations. I literally pulled up the iLearn application (downloaded from their website) and learned the 10 buttons I needed for a cable box from another remote, then I threw together a Perl script to spit back the learned commands to the iTach in MAYBE 20 minutes. It worked flawlessly. It looks like I didn't even have to use iLearn, but could have just made a TCP connection to the box and learned the IR information that way, but I haven't tried that, yet. Also, iLearn dosn't have an installer, it just RUNS! It doesn't leave a bunch of stuff on your PC. I highly recommend going to their website and download the API before you buy this to make sure you are comfortable with how you'll have to talk to this device, but it really is easier than it seems.” 

Mr D. Don

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IP2SL - iTach - TCP/IP to 1 Serial/RS232 Port

IP2SL reviews

“All the Global Caché iTach IP bridge devices are fantastic! Combine this with one of several Home Automation apps on the iPhone, iPad or other networked device and you have a wonderful system to control all your A/V equipment, lighting, security, etc. for a small fraction of what it costs for such high end systems like Crestron or HAI without being locked into expensive and proprietary gear. I am converting some high end clients to systems using these little boxes and will be saving them tons of money while expanding their systems' capabilities.” 

W. Mute

“I purchased this unit to replace a stand-alone computer in our office boiler room that controlled an older 1990s Johnson Controls Megasys Controller. I contacted Global Caché for some Technical support. They quickly responded and helped walk a novice like me through this setup.” 

M. Heart