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Motion MaXi reviews

“The only risk with buying this wall mount is that you'll spend all your time playing with the wall mount and no time watching TV. It's simply a beautiful mover.” 

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“Does what it says on the tin, very well in fact.....!” 


“Brilliant design, effortless to move, well constructed from high quality parts and British made. I made the mistake of buying a cheap bracket (about half the price of this) it was rubbish. This one is worth every penny.” 


AJL11B reviews

“Very well built and sturdy mount feels like it will last for years.

Weighty and well engineered joints are tight and don't rattle like cheaper alternatives. Lots of bolt holes to allow a secure fitment to the wall.” 


"Very good basic design and flexibility to accept all types of TV mount grids (esp for older flat panel TV before standardisation of mounting dimensions). Robust and quality feel to the product."


"Strong but unobtrusive, good build quality and finish. Ready assembled so very straightforward to fit. Does exactly what it's supposed to."


MT-M100 reviews

“I bought this for my tablet computer as it gets lots of greasy fingerprints. The Mountech fluid and cloth are brilliant and just a small amount cleans the glass and leaves no smears. Recommended for lcd tv's and monitors - I even use it to clean my glasses.” 

Mr R. White