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SV9430 - Amplified Indoor Aerial
Best Seller

SV9430 reviews

"This is the best indoor aerial I have ever used - it is fantastic. Extremely easy to install, just plug in to socket and TV and off you go. I can't praise it enough it is a must for anyone who doesn't have an external aerial." 


"I required an Ariel in a flat for my son and bought the Ariel not expecting much but amazed with the quality. I bought another one the next day for my home."


“Picture clarity is exceptional now, easy to install, looks stylish, would recommend."


“Brilliant reception in bedroom excellent and not costly."


SV9323 - Design Indoor TV Aerial
Best Seller

SV9323 reviews

"This little sexy black box works better than my outside aerial. It picks up every station without any problems at all. I will be adding another for my kitchen. this little gem is a bargain."

Mrs W. Seaman

“Bought this to replace a rather ugly indoor aerial that performed OK but couldn't pick up every channel without a little "tweaking" each time. This unit looks a lot better and picks up every channel without having to constantly move it around to pick up the signal. Perfect!"

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"This antenna was a quick 5 minute fix compared to the other antennas I had previously used. I connected it to the TV and tuned in 80-90 stations with no problems at all. The antenna itself sits on a shelf by the TV and is practically invisible as it blends in with the books and other items on the shelves. I'm really pleased with it and would highly recommend it to anyone with a similar need."

J. Taylor

Best Seller
SV9440 - Amplified Indoor Aerial

SV9440 reviews

"I moved to a tower block with no outside ariel and I bought this fully expecting to have to return it with no picture obtained. Instead, it immediately tuned in to every freeview channel with a perfect picture. It was like a miracle! It's also neat and unobtrusive and sits out of sight behind the tv. I expect it depends on your location. I'm only 6 miles from the transmitter, which might explain it. A great purchase for me."


“Found this antenna by chance and very happy with my purchase. Great and discreet design, works great..."


"I have been looking for a discrete tv aerial for a wall mounted tv for a long time. This is the answer. It works perfectly."


"Love that that it's small and fits it with the decor"