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URC1910 - One For All Samsung
Best Seller

URC1910 reviews

“This was a replacement for my elderly Mother’s Samsung TV, she doesn't cope too well with new things but was happy straight away with this one as she says it is better than the original.” 


“Works straight from the box (after putting in the batteries in).”


“The main point was it didn’t need setting up I put the required batteries in aimed it at TV and that was that a working remote at last.”


“This worked straight out of the wrapper with my Samsung TV. Excellent” 


URC7980 - Smart Control 8
Best Seller

URC7980 reviews

"Managed to get all 6 of my devices working, 4 were already programmed into the remote, the other 2 devices Android box & Sat receiver, the android box I entered a different make of box into the remote & it worked, the satellite receiver I programmed it into the remote via the app."


“Compatible with all my equipment including SKY Q. Easy set up of main features. Switches everything on at times once and sets correct channels for viewing. Single button to switch of all devices with one press."


“Easy to set up and managed to get all equipment working because of the learning feature."


URC6810 - TV Zapper
Best Seller

URC6810 reviews

"Bought for my 89 year old mum and she loves it because it has the basic buttons so makes it so easy to use." 


"Great for the elderly with not too many buttons and large keys. Comes with a book with a number of codes to connect to each make of TV."


“Bought for my elderly mother to simplify the process for her TV - the remote that was provided with the TV was very complicated and she kept phoning to ask me questions about it, so thought this would be a good solution. It does everything she needs, and also has settings for an HD box if she has one. Very easy to set up."