6G-SDI Extender over Fiber Optic

6G-SDI Extender over Fiber Optic

The 6G-SDI Extender over Fibre Optic is a unique solution from MuxLab for extending SDI cameras or other SDI sources in up to 4K resolutions to a distance of up to 985ft (300m) using OM3 fibre (model 500732), up to 1300ft (400m) using OM4 fibre (model 500732), up to 33,000ft  (10km) using single mode fibre (model 500732-SM10), up to 132,000ft (40km) using single mode fibre (model 500732-SM40), and up to 264,000ft (80km) using single mode fibre (model 500732-SM80). This product allows for versatile combinations of sources, such as one 6G SDI source, two 3G-SDI sources, or four HD-SDI sources.


  • Supported modes: SMPTE 292M, SMPTE 296M, SMPTE 372M, SMPTE 424M, SMPTE 425M

  • Supports all 6G channel configurations (1, 2, or 4 BNC)

  • Automatic SDI Link recognition and configuration

  • USB interface for field upgradable firmware and diagnostics

  • Standard SFP+ module for optical fibre interface, or other media

  • Aluminium ruggedised enclosures

  • Supports RS232 pass through