CCTV Pass-Thru/GLI Balun

CCTV Pass-Thru/GLI Balun

SKU: 500132

The CCTV Pass-Thru/GLI Balun allows video, remote power and 2-wire PTZ control to be transmitted via one 4-pair Cat 5 cable and is designed for installations where ground loop issues may be present. The product features ground loop isolation (GLI) and is installed either at the camera or DVR side in conjunction with other standard MuxLab CCTV baluns such as the 500009, 500022, 500024/29 and 500130.


  • Video, power and PTZ over one Cat 5 cable

  • Video up to 2,200 ft (670m) via Cat 5 UTP*

  • Ground Loop Isolation (GLI)

  • May be installed at camera or DVR side

  • * Shorter distances may result with certain models of DVR