Rechargeable wireless stethoscope TV headset
  • Rechargeable wireless stethoscope TV headset

    SKU: HP1040

    Hear every word with crystal clear sound

    No need to continue increasing volume on your TV to hear everything, with the wireless TV headset you won’t miss a word. The TV headset has been designed to deliver high speech intelligibility and provide hearing assistance during your favourite TV show or radio program.

    Voice Clear Technology®

    The TV headset comes with the Voice Clear Technology, which captures and amplifies the spoken voice while reducing the background noise.

    Personalised sound fine-tuning
    Featuring built-in sound controls, the wireless TV headset enables sound tuning to your personal needs. Control audio balance, tone and volume on your right and left ear individually and listen to the TV with your family, while having the sound adjusted to your taste.

    Wireless freedom
    No need to stay seated while listening to your favourite TV show. Benefit from a seamless wireless audio transmission though the robust 2.4 GHz band. The Wireless TV Headset enables you to listen to the TV at distance, within the range of 50 metres.

    Optimised comfort
    Due to its unique under-chin shape and lightweight design the headset is suitable for people wearing glasses and for those who do not feel comfortable wearing an over-head headset. In combination with the soft foam earplugs the headset is ideal for cosy lengthy listening session. Enjoy hours of entertainment, with high uptime of up to 12 hours. Besides connecting it to the TV wirelessly, it can be connected to a tablet, laptop or smartphone directly via the included 3.5mm cable.

    Enjoy without disturbing others
    Watch your favourite series at day or night, without being disturbed or disturbing others. Set your preferences and enjoy. The in-ear plugs provide a wall between incoming sounds and background noise making watching TV an enjoyable experience.

    Dual functionality
    Besides enhancing your TV watching experience, it allows connection to the included noise-cancelling microphone, which detects and eliminates background noise from conversations, also outside your home– being a true asset for anybody with mild-moderate hearing impairment.