Dual Head Active VGA Receiver

Dual Head Active VGA Receiver

SKU: 500174

The Active VGA Managed System (AVM) is a total digital signage systems solution to be installed and managed more efficiently via a single Cat5e/6 structured cabling system.


  • Dispatcher Hub distributes up to 8 or 16 displays

  • Repeater Hub adds another 305m (1,000 ft) distance and distributes to 8 more receivers

  • Receiver supports dual VGA output and VESA mounting

  • Manual and software gain / skew control

  • MuxLab Control Software for gain / skew and display scripts

  • Control via GUI, RS232, Web

  • System includes: Active VGA Managed Dispatcher, 8-port (500170), Active VGA Managed Dispatcher, 16-port (500171), Active VGA Managed Repeater, 8-port (500172), Active VGA Managed Receiver, Dual Head (500174)