FLIR Systems Dash Mount Accessory (Black)

FLIR Systems Dash Mount Accessory (Black)


Turn FLIR FX into a dashboard camera. The adjustable windscreen mount lets you record in full 1080p HD on the move The dashboard mount accessory turns FLIR FX into a powerful dash camera, capturing important footage while driving.


The dashboard mount provides steady footage of events on the road, featuring an internal accelerometer that senses when a car is in motion and activates the 30-minute loop record function. The accelerometer also senses a 1.7g impact and creates a permanent recording that automatically saves the 10 seconds prior to contact. Dash camera mount accessory is compatible with FLIR FX products which can be purchased individually.

The dash mount accessory includes a car charger to provide power to the camera on the road, and the camera’s battery provides up to 2 hours of cordless operation, ensuring constant coverage even if your car breaks down.

  • Internal Accelerometer: Automatically records when your vehicle is in motion.

  • Loop Recording: Continuous 30-minute, 1080p loop recording.

  • Emergency Recording: Resulting from any strong braking or impact.

  • Mounting: Includes suction cup mount with 360 Degree pivot.

FLIR FX camera not included