iTach WiFi to 3 IR Ports

iTach WiFi to 3 IR Ports


The iTach WI-FI to IR device provides a new level of automation and control flexibility, enabling device networking in Home or Commercial properties.  Global Caché’s WF2IR will allow you will be able to seamlessly connect, monitor, and control infrared devices over a network & internet.


  • Wi-Fi can be used from anywhere and does not require line-of-sight access or wiring

  • On board web server for quick, easy setup and configuration

  • Allows up to 8 simultaneous connections to any smart device

  • Flash upgradeable to accommodate future upgrades in the field

  • Three independent user selectable IR outputs or sensor inputs - 3.5mm mono jack

  • Third IR port supports IR blaster

  • IR Learner built in

  • Includes three IR emitters and one IR blaster (Port 3).

  • Can draw power from USB Port