Rechargeable wireless TV headphones
  • Rechargeable wireless TV headphones

    SKU: HP1030

    Hear every word with crystal clear sound
    Unlike a usual audio headphones, these wireless TV headphones were designed to deliver high speech intelligibility and enhance your TV viewing experience. Thanks to the Voice Clear Technology and their functional design, you not only get an outstanding quality of the spoken voice but also an interference-free audio without the background noise. Don’t miss another word during your favourite show, movie or game.

    Voice Clear Technology®

    The TV headphones come with the Voice Clear Technology, which emphasises speech whilst dimming background noise and enhancing the voice spectrum, making sure you hear every single word during a TV show or radio program.

    Enjoy without interrupting others
    Whether you are watching your favourite series, a football match or playing games, during the day or at night, watch them undisturbed and without disturbing others. The closed over-the-ear cups create a seal between your ears and the outside world, reducing sound leakage and providing isolation from intruding surroundings.

    Optimised comfort
    Enjoy hours of TV entertainment with the extra-large cushioned ear-cups. The caps wrap themselves around your ears, providing you with an enhanced listening experience. There is no need to adjust the headband as it shapes automatically to your head.


    Functionality in design

    Cast from high-grade materials, these Wireless TV headphones feature robust yet lightweight design. Delivered with powerful 40mm drivers for high audio output, Voice Clear Technology for superb speech intelligibility, and wireless technology for watching at distance. These headphones are a perfect match for modern audiophiles, looking for an enhanced TV viewing experience.

    Always ready to entertain, thanks to the charging station and quickly rechargeable batteries!

    Connect multiple headphones at the same time
    Connect multiple wireless TV headphones simultaneously to the same network to watch together.