Stereo Analog Audio Splitter 1x3

Stereo Analog Audio Splitter 1x3

SKU: 500044

The Analog Stereo Audio Splitter allows one analog source using either the MuxLab analog audio balun (500028) or MuxLab Audio Matrix Switch (500210) to be connected passively to up to three receivers using MuxLab’s Analog Audio Balun (500028) over CAT 5e/6 cabling.


Applications: Installation of multiple audio receivers using MuxLab’s Audio Balun HiFi, Audio Matrix and Balun Amplifier, Audio distribution for PA systems, Home Audio, Digital signage, podium systems.


  • Easy installation for one or two additional receivers

  • No need for splice or punch block

  • Use standard Cat5/5e/6 cable

  • Splits the incoming Analog Audio channel to three (3) Analog Audio channels

  • Analog Audio input (RJ45)

  • Analog Audio outputs (3 x RJ45)

  • Compatible with all other MuxLab Analog Audio baluns, matrix and receiver balun